This Man Lived Inside A Sand Castle For More Than 20 Years

A 44-year-old Marcio Mizael Matolias lived in a sand castle on one of the gorgeous beaches of Rio de Janerio for past 20 years. His sand castle has become a tourist attraction now. While giving interview he also talked about the difficulties of living like this. Matolias says that his sandcastle is very warm inside. The sand holds in heat, so he is not able to sleep inside of it some nights. He will go sleep at a friend’s house, but he prefers his sandcastle even if he has to go lie outside by the sea. During the day, Matolias spends his time outside of the sandcastle home. It takes a lot of work tending to its structure and the outside. Because sand is not the strongest building material, Matolias spends a lot of time maintaining his castle. Matolias’ sandcastle is filled with books and childhood toys. He pays for his food by running a second-hand bookshop from his castle. He says that he has always lived on the beach and wanted to continue doing so, but beachside property is incredibly expensive, so living in a sandcastle was the best alternative.