Police Arrested this guy from Iran for looking ditto like Lionel Messi

Argentina’s footballer Lionel Messi is the most renowned footballer of the World , He is known for his extraordinary skills in the football sport. His fan base is very strong and people are just crazy for him so much so that they can do anything to come in his notice. He is an inspiration in football for millions of people and there are many who try to copy his style.

Recently an Iranian fan of Messi had to visit Jail for copying him.

The guy named Reza Parastesh is ditto like Lionel Messi so when Reza adopted the complete look of Messi people couldn’t spot any difference between them.

Further, when he started posing for selfies with other fans of Messi and signing autographs, it resulted in mass hysteria and Reza was taken to police station. Also, his car was impounded to clear the traffic.

All this started when Reza’s father who is a great football fan put pressure on him into posing in a No. 10 Barcelona jersey and sending the pictures to a sports website.

Now he is fully booked with media interviews and has even got modelling contracts.

Reza said that he is very happy about the fact that he can make people happy.He now wants to meet his hero and get a job as his understudy.

Now that’s just amazing. So have you ever done anything crazy for your favorite celebrity? Share with us in the comment section.