Unvaccinated Kids Are Banned from School in New York

The rise of the “anti-vax” parents has been unstoppable over the years and, notwithstanding the consistent argument that it is harmful to not vaccinate our children, many still continue to hold the opinion that no vaccinations are the future. But the world of science is not ready to let people go away without vaccination. One school of new york, unvaccinated kids Are Banned and it was done to force people into vaccinating their children.

Parents who decline to vaccinate their children live in a complete dream world in which their children will live long, healthy, and happy lives without any form of vaccination that protects against harmful illnesses that trouble our world.

Anti-vax parents are still out there…

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Notwithstanding there is a global controversy over the vaccination of children, there is still a collection of people who believe that vaccinating children is wrong and useless for their health. It became a huge story as kids are banned from going to school.

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As a natural parenting blog claimed, it is supposedly “gentle in its approach; it’s the scenic, slower route of parenting which encourages children to reach breakthroughs in their own time.”

Many don’t believe in the mainstream medical establishment…

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Janie Oyakawa talked to Self magazine about how she used to be an anti-vaxx mom.