Kanye Gave Kim a $1 Million Birthday Present

Kim Kardashian’s relationship with hubby, Kanye West, is pretty well-recorded and in the eyes of the world constantly. From their appearances on KUWTK to their packed social media accounts.

However every now and then something pops up which reveals another side to Kimye, and every time this happens, the internet goes wild.


Kim has recently announced what Kanye got her for her birthday this year and it’s pretty extreme… but also surprisingly wholesome!

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Keep scrolling to learn more about Kimye and Kanye’s kind and very expensive gesture of love…

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In May 2014, they married.

Their wedding ceremony was as over-the-top as you’d expect, lasting a complete weekend with stops in Paris and Florence. The image that Kim shared became the most-liked Insta photo of the year.

The two also started a family.

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And Fallon had a brand new game prepared for Kim. It’s called “Show Me Your Phone,” and it basically does what it says on the tin.