You Can Sleep in a See-Through Resort close to Elephants

South East Asia is a truly remarkable part of the world where you can find elephants as it’s their nationl animal. It draws millions of tourists every year who visit from around the world to take in and appreciate its beauty.

One of its most famous countries is Thailand, which is entirely known for its impressive white shores and tropical climate. Another thing it is also known well for is its wildlife, which varies from tigers, monkeys, numerous species of lizard and bird, whale sharks and, of course, elephants.

But it is an unfortunate reality that the elephants of Thailand are at large danger thanks to the millions of visitors gathering in the country every year.

It is a country that is rich in history and is probably one of the most beautiful places found on Earth.

Encircled by various tiny islands…

Thailand is the ideal vacation for resting and soaking up its incredible history.

It brings millions of visitors worldwide every year…

And with it being on the close to Australia, Australian tourists are very popular in the country, with it paying on average around 800,000 per year.