Juice Wrld’s Chilling Last Words at His Final Concert

One thing everyone always says is “life is never fair,” and that sounds true for this story in special. We received the unfortunate news that singer and rapper Juice Wrld had passed away, leaving back an overabundance of fans, friends, family, and of course, his longtime girlfriend, Ally Lotti.

And now, the heartbreaking last note he sent to his LOVE has come to light. It makes it all so much more difficult for fans to come to words with the unfortunate news…Keep scrolling to see what he said.

An American singer and rapper. Born in Chicago, Illinois.

He started rapping in high school and ended up promoting his music on streaming site SoundCloud, where he earned a fanbase.

He took things to different level in 2017.

He published his full debut EP, 999 which launched him to the status of “rising star”.

However, he hardened his popularity with the announcement of “Lucid Dreams.”

He chose to sign with Interscope Records, who gave him a contract worth 3 million dollars.

And that year only got more real for Juice Wrld as the announcement of his second album Death Race for Love? at the top of the charts.

Fans cherished him as his music revolved encompassing topics such as mental health.

So when the headlines about his death hit social media, it blew with messages for the rising star.

Beginning of this year, he won the award for “Top New Artist” defeating the likes of Dua Lipa and Ella Mai.

Fans are really moved by the report of his death.

“I don’t deserve this life,” one fan wrote. They have clearly been moved by the news.