Jimmy Fallon Asked Twitter to Share Prom Fails And Its Hilarious

How would you recall your own prom? Would it be able to be a mystical night brimming with astonishing conventional wear, fragrant corsages, executioner move moves alongside the pleasure of youthful love? Or on the other hand, was it around a thousand times more miserable than that? Here we present some of the funniest Jimmy Fallon Prom Fails which comfort you that you actually did a lot better .

This comfy outfit change

my prom dress zipper broke during dinner and I was stuck in the bathroom half-naked until someone brought me a grinch onesie to wear #PromFail


Jimmy Fallon Prom Fails # This celebrity fail

jimmy fallon@jimmyfallon

I was social director so I added “Star-Spangled Banner” in the mix for prom song. It won. So that was the prom song for Saugerties High, Class of ‘92.

After asking individuals to show their epic Jimmy Fallon Prom Fails , Jimmy Fallon graciously provided his own.

I am reasonably sure even Beyoncé could not dancing to” The Star-Spangled Banner.”

This rainy day regret

We drove to my prom, and it was raining. When we got there my date jokingly said “Fetch my umbrella”. I went out with the umbrella and died laughing. She thought I was laughing at her joke,but it was b/c we drove the whole way with her dress in the door. #PromFail