Jimmy Fallon Asked for Beach Fails and the Internet Delivered

Who hates a thrilling visit to the shore? It is the perfect method to connect with relatives and companions and ordinarily brings about some extraordinary snickers, brilliant exercise, and incredible good old enjoyment that you can not get inside. # Jimmy Fallon Beach Fails

The next people show their main shore fails, which vary from inadvertent exposure to humiliating encounters with a couple of disgusting surprises thrown in. You are likely to need to use your lifejacket with this one, people. The secondhand humiliation is so powerful it is going to leave you cringing for days then.

Jimmy Fallon Beach Fails : This call to action

jimmy fallon@jimmyfallon

It’s Hashtags time! Tag a tweet with #BeachFail and then tell us about a funny or weird thing that happened to you at the beach. Could be on the show!

Jimmy Fallon Beach Fails : This instant karma

I know it sounds mean, but I laughed at this man getting screwed over by his own egocentric behavior.

This poor ginger

My cousin had a beach wedding. I’m a very pale redhead. I put on so much sunscreen that the flash from the camera only picked up my black eyeliner, red hair, and floral dress. I ruined the wedding photos. #BeachFail

This unique find

When you think you found a really cool rock, but then later you just realize it’s dog poop. #BeachFail

This anatomy lesson

I took my two and three year old cousins to a beach, we drove for five hours, only to find out that it was a nudist beach. #BeachFail