Indonesian man wins titanic battle with 23ft-long python

Over the millennia, we’ve bested birds, clashed with crocodiles and tackled tigers, but one of humankind’s greatest enemies is the snake. Looking back at the opening chapters in the book of Genesis. Since then, we’ve not really forgiven them; a small fraction of the population may have the reptiles as pets, but the vast majority of human beings are of the same opinion: we hate those legless jerkfaces, and the grass they slithered in on.He turned on Nababan, and left with little choice, Nababan decided to go toe to… tail with this massive python. In the latest leg of the neverending Mortal Kombat between man and beast, Nababan struck a fatality, killing the snake with his bare hands, but was bitten pretty badly.He was rushed to hospital, not only bloody and injured, but exhausted too, as the battle seemed to “last a long time”. Speaking from his hospital bed, Nababan said: “I tried to catch it. It bit my arm, and we wrestled for a while.” He’s got some pretty significant injuries.