Incredible Photos and GIFs That Defied The Odds

Here is a collection of the best gifs from the Never Tell Me The Odds subreddit. Here you’ll see pictures representing the least likely, most ridiculous odds-defying seconds ever caught on film.

Came down to the wire.

We were seconds away from losing our home to the California fire. Thank you to all the firefighters that saved our community!


Score is 69 to 69 with 69 seconds and the white jerseys add up to 69.
– wonderflex

Can’t be a coincidence.

Meet the Jim Twins who are identical twins. They were separated at birth and adopted by different families. They both got married and divorced to a woman named Linda, remarried a woman named Betty, and each had dogs named “Toy.” They both named their sons James Alan and were reunited at the age of 39.
– stynsrienie

Mirror mode, activated.

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Like father, like son.
– SirERexYun

Poor grandparents going bankrupt on Christmas gifts.

Twins married twins to give birth to another twins.
– KayyyPeyyy

The shot to end all shots.

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Video game streamer randomly shoots one sniper bullet to test out a bug, accidentally kills enemy 400m away.
– jayfeather314