Humanity Can Do Wonders, ‘witch child’ Hope From Nigeria Is One Such Example!


Anja, after watching the condition of the child got really emotional. She sat down and removed the scraps he was eating and started feeding him with Digestive food. The photo  got viral on social media where she was giving him water from a bottle . It was really heartbreaking to see the the child in such a terrible condition.

Photo went viral where she is feeding HOPE with Digestive food and water

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She right away decided to rush Hope to the hospital. The doctors diagnosed Hope with multiple deficiency diseases, the major one was being his stomach riddled with numerous worms and no red blood cell formation. With proper medication and multiple blood transfusions, his stomach finally got rid of the worms, and his body was circulating blood quite well.

Anja Ringgren Loven and her team taking care of Hope 

Anja asked the people for doantions, and she couldn’t believe the response she got from all over the world. Within just few days of the picture going viral, she received donations worth $1 million globally.