Humanity Can Do Wonders, ‘witch child’ Hope From Nigeria Is One Such Example!

A simple act of humanity can do miracles. In this fast developing generation, people usually neglect these simple matters. But there are few people, who still believe in doing good. Here is a story of Nigerian kid who was believed to be Witch Child and was left to die. Here is how a deed of kindness proved to be a miracle for him .

2 year-old boy was left to die in the streets last year because his family believed he was a “witch”

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This might be surprising for us but it is common in Nigeria to believe in such superstitions . Harsh isn’t it? Superstitions overpowering a mother’s love? It is sad but true. The infant was riddled with worms when a Danish charity worker Anja Ringgren Loven, found him in 2016.

She found the boy in January 2016 while working for a charity in Africa.

Chils  was just two years old, and he was incredibly sick. He was naked, eating off scraps and had somehow managed to keep himself alive.