Henry Cavill as The New Sherlock Holmes in Netflix Movie Has People Chatting

He influenced superhero buffs in Superman,  took the hearts of gamers across the globe in The Witcher, and now Henry Cavill is representing the iconic detective, Sherlock Holmes, and opinions have been strong, to say the least…After all the hype circling Netflix’s The Witcher

Henry Cavill has partnered with the streaming monster yet again. But this time, he’s moving into his detective shoes as the iconic Sherlock Holmes.

And, after viewing the new flick, people have had a lot to say about it. The thirty-seven-year-old originally got fame from his depiction of the iconic superhero, Superman.

The star performed the infamous role across 3 diverse movies: Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League. But, these days, most of you will definitely know him best from his eye-widening performance in the Netflix show, The Witcher.

How could any of us ignore this? Henry’s description of the monster hunter, Geralt of Rivia, has earned the actor a whole new fanbase…

For purposes which are pretty simple– Just look at him. People were ready to fall in love with Geralt…

Which can only be attributed to Henry’s commitment and enthusiasm for the role. Because it turns out that Henry went to excessive measures to envision his character during filming.

The Witcher producer, Schmidt, explained,