Haunting Photos Taken Just Seconds Before Accidents

Drunk Fight.

Ki-Suck Han was drunk when he starting fighting with another guy, Man got fed up and pushed him, and he went tumbling onto the tracks. Though witnesses tried to get the train to stop, it was too late. A New York Post photographer was on the platform, and captured the harrowing scene.

Kick Saved Him.

Tourist Jared Michael was walking along the route. He probably didn’t realize how close to the tracks he was, but the train conductor did, and proceeded to kick Michael in the head to push him away from danger. Thankfully, the train was only going about 17 mph, so he wasn’t badly hurt.

Not worth it.

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Elder Campos, Europe’s End is a nickname for Cabo Da Roca, a cape in Portugal which is the westernmost point of continental Europe. This couple decided to take a daring photo at the tip of the cliff, but it did not go well for them. The woman lost her grip and fell hundreds of meters to her death.