Haunting Photos Taken Just Seconds Before Accidents

‘banda’ music

Jenni Rivera was a popular singer of Mexican ‘banda’ music. On December 8, 2012, she boarded a private plane with friends and colleagues after performing a concert in Mexico. The wreckage was found later that day, and all passengers died.


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18-year-old Michael McQuilken and his younger brother and sister climbed California’s Moro Rock on a stormy afternoon in 1975. A lightning strike hit them, hitting 12-year-old Sean. He survived, but suffered third-degree burns.

Robert Overacker

Robert Overacker, a stuntman, was planning to ride a jet ski over Niagara Falls and then deploy a parachute as he went over the water. Sadly, the parachute failed to open, and Overacker plunged into the water 180 feet below. The force of the water killed him.