We All Hate These 6 Gross Things Couples Do In Public

When you are in love with someone you do crazy things for love. Sometimes being in a love makes you do some gross things which you’d never imagine doing in public. Invading personal space Popping pimples,  becoming totally unaware of anyone else around you.

It’s like suddenly that secret “single” behavior you’ve hidden away gets the spotlight because your partner is just So. Damn. Great. But it happens. Blame the effect love has on your body. Blame the alcohol. Blame the comfort zone, the mood, the fact that you just wanna do you.

The truth is that you’re a grown-ass woman who can do what you want when you want, but sometimes couples are just plain gross. Here are 6 gross things couples actually do in public.

#1 Sitting on laps


#2 Crazy fights