Guy inquires for Treasure at River and Can’t Believe What He Discovers

An avid treasure hunter recently came across a strange object at the bottom of a river and, upon surfacing, discovered it’s remarkable and rather evil history.

You will not believe what he found….

This is the remarkable story of one man with a passion for treasure-hunting.

Devoted Scuba-diver Dallas Rowley has spent many years diving in various rivers and lakes in hunt for treasure But his latest discovery may be the most remarkable

Dallas dedicates his YouTube channel to his underwater treasure hunting antics.

His channel, Man + River, boasts an impressive 4.58 million subscribers and hosts an arrangement of various treasure hunting adventures.

Dallas’s passion has taken him across the country…

And he has gained some pretty impressive finds along his way.

Varying from trivial items such as lost iPhones and umbrellas…

…To eye-opening finds such as famous historic monuments and long-lost jewelry, Dallas has come across pretty much every type of hidden treasure.

There was even the time he found a drone at the bottom of the river…

Did I mention that you can find just about anything at the bottom of rivers these days?

But his most recent adventure has stood out from the rest…

Because his find was truly remarkable.

It started out as any normal dive.


As usual, Dallas prepared himself up with his camera equipment, ready to document some weird and whacky treasures at the bottom of the river.

First up: A set of Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Though, upon closer examination, Dallas discovered that they were, indeed, fakes.

Second up?

Another lost cell phone.

Dallas’s continued to find some rather mundane items…

Including a portable charger, a lost key, a sealed plastic bag, and a metal keychain.

But, then, he came across something exciting.

As he was swimming amongst the dark and dirty depths, he spotted what looked like a large, metal box.

Maybe it was an abandoned treasure chest?

But, upon closer inspection, it was something much more sinister.

Dallas dragged the mystery box to the surface…

Where he was able to see it properly out of the muddy depths and in the light.

Dallas believes that he’s found an ancient gun or ammo case.

Ammo cases were designed to safely transport and carry dangerous ammunition and, these days, they are typically used by the military.

Well, that remains the mystery.

Dallas suspects that, according to the rusty condition of the case, the case must have been thrown into the middle of the river quite a few years ago.

We may never know why the case was thrown into the river in the first place…

But some items hold more explanations than others.

One treasure hunter came across a long-lost GoPro at the bottom of a lake that actually contained the final moments of a man who had tragically drowned and died there years earlier.