These Super Muscle ‘meaty pigs’ can be the future of meat

Video of massive super muscle meaty pigs is now in the public’s eye, and with a single gene, a small Wilbur can become a super-muscled hyper-fit hog. It started with Belgian Blue cattle, who were actually enormous cows, Researchers in South Korea and China have created a cheaper way to produce meaty pigs with altering the genes of pigs to produce more protein and muscle.

Myostatin is the protein which leads to muscle growth. By changing the amount of myostatin produced in animal’s genetics, it is now possible to produce an organism with extra muscle.

All our physical characteristics are tied entirely to our DNA. If we alter DNA, we can alter the physicality of the organism.

Pigs now have become the center of new genetic research. Now we can grow organs for human transplants inside the body of a pig. We can mass produce blood vessels organs. We can create flesh in the machine, and render flesh into machines.

Capitalism will continue to choose methods like genetically-editing pigs to be monstrously huge because it is just so efficient. But what will become of us? Once genetic editing moves to humans, will we shape ourselves in accordance to our most mad or most noble desires? This is coming faster than you think. You may not end your life as the same person you were when you were born, in more ways than one.