Furious Neighbor Gives Cruel 50 Foot Note To Mom After They Fight About Kids’ Toys

2020 has been blasted with Karens (take a look at one of the most surprising below) however, the latest is by far the most critical case we’ve ever seen.

One Karen determined to send her neighbor a harsh 50-foot “scroll” over an argument about kids’ toys.2020 has been flooded with “Karens”.

And they have become a tortuously amusing joke over the last few years. The name “Karen” has always been compared with a certain type of middle-aged white woman who’s expected to throw a fit if she doesn’t get her own way.

In the post, she declares that her neighbor is commanding the mom return toys that were unintentionally left in her backyard by her neighbor’s child. Although the mom agrees: “she’s more than welcome to come over and look throughout for any more that may be theirs.”