Few Things You Should Know to Survive in Exotic Countries

What can be more thrilling than the concept of spending holidays in exotic countries, enjoying the sun, the ocean, and the fantastic beauty of nature? However, throughout your journey you may encounter a number of troubles that can turn your dream holiday right into a real nightmare.

We share with you the most useful tips that can help you stay away from unexpected troubles and make your exotic vacation truly unforgettable.

Mosquitoes and anopheles

Mosquito species that transmit dangerous diseases, including the Zika virus, live in many tropical countries. To protect yourself from the deadly diseases, Always take a bug spray with you and get vaccinated against malaria, yellow fever, and other diseases before going out on a trip.

Marine predators

Shark attacks doesn’t occur quite often. However, it’s quite simple to prevent an unpleasant encounter with this predator. Don’t swim when you have open cuts or wounds, as the smell of blood attracts sharks. Though sharks are color blind, they react to color contrasts, so avoid wearing brightly colored or patterned swimsuits.



It’s well known that tap water is not safe for consumption in some parts of the world. However, sometimes we forget that the ice served in bars is made from the same tap water. So it’s best to drink bottled water sold in shops and supermarkets. It’s also recommended to use bottled water for washing and cooking.

Rip currents

A rip current can carry you away from the shore to the open sea in just a few seconds. If you ever get caught in a rip current, don’t try to swim back to the shore and fight against it, since its strength is much greater than that of a personYou can swim across the current, parallel to the shore. Once it weakens, you can safely make your way back.