Famous Flat Earther Dies Trying to Prove Earth is Flat

You may be cognizant that there a group of people who are assured that the Earth is truly flat – differently identified as the “Flat Earthers.”

These plot ideologists are recognized worldwide for their strange ideas and eye-brow raising opinions. However, regrettably, today, a man recognized as “Mad Mike” Hughes has died in a handmade rocket disaster.

Paul McCartney is dead.

Clearly, Paul McCartney is not expired. He published an album called Egypt Station recently last summer. In 2015 he published “FourFiveSeconds” with Rihanna and Kanye West.

However, collusion ideologists think that he died in 1966, 3 years before the Beatles dismissed.

The moon landing was a hoax.

In the 1960s, during the Cold War, the USA and Russia were massively entangled in a space run. They aspired to see who could get the most distant and who could be the most competent. When Neil Armstrong arrived on the moon in 1969, the USA declared success in the competition.

But conspiracy scientists don’t think that they actually got there. They think it was simulated.

But one of the greatest conspiracies right now is the case that the Earth is flat.

In the 19th century, a man without sober credentials named Samuel Rowbotham insisted that the Earth was flat.

He ran away from some mysteries that he couldn’t respond, he declined to take part in trials and he lied when he eventually had to do a test. Yet several people now, over a century succeeding, still believe that he could be right.

There’s a heck of a lot of science that supports the fact that the Earth is in fact, round.

It has been accurately determined that the Earth is not flat. The moon is rounded in shape, the sun is rounded in shape, and so is the Earth.

In fact, we have understood that the Earth is not flat for beyond 2,000 years.

Aristotle recognized that the Earth was round way back in 350 BC when he wrote On The Heavens. He made the point that simply by following the stars we are able to tell that the Earth is rounded.

Have you ever seen a sunset?

The stripes of different colors in the sky at twilight can be breath-engaging. But aside from their attraction, sunsets can also help you learn science.

When you see the sunset, particularly near the equator where the sun seems to be bigger, you can see that the sun slowly goes on the horizon. There is usually a time wherever you can see half the sun when the other half the sun has gone.

This is because the Earth is revolving. In a funny way, it is actually the Earth that is setting, preferably than the sun.

The Flat Earth Society has members all throughout the Planet.

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The Flat Earth Society (yes, there is a solid group of them online), really posted this note on their own page.

However, regrettably, a stubborn flat earth follower has died on February 22nd.

Michael “Mad Mike” Hughes died in a catastrophic occurrence while shooting for the show Homemade Astronauts, which was scheduled to be aired on the US Science Channel.

Hughes has been on a life long purpose to determine that the Earth is flat.

Operating a steam-powered rocket, and striving to reach 5,000 feet, Hughes had needed to get as close to space as imaginable to confirm that the Earth is flat.

He was aided by his companion, Waldo Stakes…

However, the Sheriff’s news has proved that the pilot is a single casualty at this time.

Footage shows a rocket blasting into the air before plunging back to the ground.

R.I.P. Michael.