Family shocked after Their Dog gave birth to a Yellow puppy

Dogs are every man’s best friend – but sometimes one particular dog really captures the entire internet’s attention. Just like the story of Hulk – a newborn German Shepard puppy with a peculiar difference. Born this week, he’s taken the internet by storm because of his unique colored fur. But many think the puppy is actually yellow, not green.

There’s no denying that people just love dogs.

And it’s not tricky to see why. These little packets of delight are just so pure!

It seems the internet agrees.

In recent years, the amount of dog-related content online has grown massively. Maybe we need something nourishing since everything else in on fire?

But sometimes a particular dog story really grasp the internet.

And a recent dog who has gone viral may be the most unusual looking pooch we’ve ever seen.

And people are feeling perplexed.

We’ve never seen a dog that looks like this before.

And that’s not all.

Because the pup has also started a huge internet discussion – and it’s that blue-and-black vs gold-and-white dress all over again!

The pup was born in North Carolina.

The Stamey family from Canton’s German Shepard Gypsy gave birth to a litter on January 10th.

All 8 puppies were well and good.