Facts About Russia You Did Not Know Till Now

Facts about Russia are huge, vast, beautiful country. So huge that several people living on its territory don’t even know any low fraction of all that its boundless expanses conceal within themselves. Here are some Facts about Russia you probably did not knew about Russia.

Interesting Facts about Russia

The world’s largest active volcano is Klyuchevskaya Sopka, nearly five kilometers high. He has been erupting for quite seven thousand years.

Petersburg has 3 times as many bridges as Venice.

The most massive medieval fortress within the world is that the Moscow Kremlin.

Petersburg is that the world’s northernmost metropolis out of a population of over 1,000,000 people.

The area of ​​Siberia is about nine percent of the whole area of ​​the Earth.

Russia borders on 16 countries.

In Russia, women gained voting rights ahead of within the u. s..

The Hermitage has about three million works of art.

The most visited McDonald’s within the world located in Moscow on Pushkin Square.

The Moscow subway is perhaps the foremost beautiful within the world.

Facts about Russia include the world’s tallest university is Moscow State University, located in Moscow.

Before the revolution, firearms were sold freely in Russia.

Ostankino TV Tower – was the tallest building in Europe for a protracted time. But in recent years, skyscrapers have appeared that have surpassed it tall.

The emblem of Chelyabinsk shows a camel.

About four percent of the territory of Russia is occupied by protected reserves.

The largest tram network within the world located in St. Petersburg.

Siberian taiga is that the largest forest within the world.

The metal for the skeleton of the American Statue of Liberty would be smelted in Russia.

About 45 percent of the Russian locate beyond the Arctic Circle.

The most remote settlement on Earth from Moscow is that the city of Dunedin, New Zealand.

Great Vasyugan swamp with a neighborhood of ​​about 56 thousand square meters. Kilometers – the biggest swamp within the world.

As you progress far from the capital, the quantity of cars in Russia decreases sharply, and also the hairstyle becomes more and more bizarre.

Russians rank fourth within the world in drunkenness, behind Belarus, Moldova, and Lithuania, in line with WHO.

On the island of Itygran, there’s the so-called “Whale Skeleton Alley” (Whale Alley), where the remains of marine mammals neatly locate.

According to the commonly accepted opinion, there’s another, secret Metro-2 subway connecting military bunkers.

In Moscow, you’ll see trees hung with castles. Couples hang these locks as proof of their love.

It believes that only a wimp lowers the ears of his cap with earflaps if the temperature doesn’t fall below -20 degrees Celsius.

In the Moscow Park of fallen monuments (Art Park) exhibited many aged sculptures of the Soviet era, also as samples of contemporary art.

Allegedly, 50% of law enforcement officials take bribes.

Facts about Russia are there’s a restaurant in Moscow, all of whose staff are twins.

There don’t seem to be only tundra and taiga, and you’ll walk together with volcanoes.