Ellen DeGeneres Addresses ‘Toxic Workplace’ Accusations in Opening Monologue of ‘The Ellen Show’

Apart from her fans, that is. Well, until now.

Ellen’s ratings are falling as the world determines they can no longer back the star. So how did it stay secret for so long?

Well, many fans are looking back over the series and examining the very same questions Because, as it turns out…

Ellen has always been problematic

And be ready – they make for some pretty awkward viewing. Let’s start with her approach of Sophia Vergara…

Which has been moderately horrific over the years? Vergara is known for her strong accent.

Which Ellen has found strangely entertaining over the years. Ellen frequently mocked Vergara.

Offering to teach her new words and maintaining her English had gotten “better.”She even did some extremely uncomfortable impressions of the star.

“Ellen Reviews Fans’ Really Bad Gifts.”Mocking fans’ kind gestures?

Not cool, Ellen.Another incredibly rude Ellen moment?

An uncomfortable vid has come of her being unprofessional to a translator. If this is any indication of how she deals with her fans.