Do not laugh Challenge: Disney Hilarious Memes

We are in a Disney reincarnation, people! After Aladdin and The Lion King live-action remakes, Frozen 2  is ready to blow our minds.

Check out these Disney memes. They will make you remember your childhood in hysterics and will definitely make you chuckle.

via: Reddit

When you copy your friend’s essay but just add some fancy words to make it look different? To be honest, that’s kind of how the live-action Aladdin seemed like compared to the animated version.

Oof, this one hits a little bit too close to home. Or, in this case, a little too close to the refrigerator, because right now I’m so depressed that my fridge feels like my home.

Why I was kicked off the debate team.

via: Reddit

When it came to preparing for the debate, I was the king. But when I actually had to look another person in the eye on the stage and tell them their arguments are completely and utterly false. I’d just collapse.