Deadly Plants You Should Better Stay Away From

If you have plans for hiking and camping upcoming years you should look at these deadly plants which can ruin your trip. Many of these plants can often be seen in your back yard or you could find them in other gardens. You wont want to go near any of these plants which are mentioned in thi article. Watch out for these poisonous plants, and know how they could harm or even kill you.

Water Hemlock

Deadly Plants

Water Hemlock is one of the most poisonous plant. Even a small taste of it can kill a grownup. It can be found alongside the more common along creeks and wetlands. The root of the plant is the most poisonous part of the plant .

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This shrub or small tree is widely cultivated, and can be found anywhere. Every part of it is poisonous due to the naturally occurring toxins. Symptoms of the poison include tremors, seizures, and coma that can lead to death.