Deadly Hurricane Ophelia killed three people as storm hits Ireland

Deadly Hurricane Ophelia killed three people in Ireland, the country is experiencing the most extreme weather.Deadly Hurricane Ophelia storm which was officially a post-tropical cyclone when it landed  knocked down the trees on drivers, who were killed inside their cars .

Third person who was trying to clear a fallen tree from a road accidentally killed himself with his chainsaw. Police confirmed all three deaths.

Sea defenses were breached and it caused some flooding while powerful winds ripped the roofs from buildings and knocked down countless trees.About 360,000 homes and businesses in the Irish Republic, and 1,300 in Northern Ireland, are without power. In Wales, 4,000 homes are without power.

First victim was a woman who got killed by a falling tree in County Waterford. Her name was Clare O’Neill, who was in her 50s. The second was the man with a chainsaw, who died in County Tipperary. The third was a male driver killed in Ranvensdale, County Louth.

Irish forecasters warned people in at-risk areas to stay inside their homes to avoid the effects of the storm. Police and the coast guard made repeated pleas for people to stay away from the coast because of rough seas, which they said some were ignoring.