Dads Post About His Sons Leaving Home Will Make You Cry

Going to college is a very exciting time for many young people. And when the time comes to change their restricted home life for fraternity parties, dorm rooms, and essays, many college-goers are happy to grasp their newly-found independent life. But there is another side of this situation, “Parents”. One dads post about his 3 sons leaving home has gone viral.


But for the parents letting their lil ones go, it can be a very tough time adjusting to the absence of their kids.

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For one dad-of-3, this adjustment has been enormous. So much that he posted a set of 3 emotional posts to Instagram about his sons leaving their home, and it’s had the internet literally in tears.

Keep your tissues near and prepare to see one of the most heart-touching dads post you’ll lay your eyes on today.

Brandt Barber, from Atlanta, is a dad-of-3 to sons, Brooks, Bryce, and Luke, who have all left the house to go to college.

Dads post went viral after on Instagram about his 3 sons leaving home for college.

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Before his sons left home to go to college, they had an ice-cream related family tradition.

via: Brooks Barber