Dad Puts On Leotard And Joins His 2 Daughters For A ‘Single Ladies’ Dance Performance And The Internet Is Going Crazy

In a Christmas video posted by Tona Spadaro Haddad, Steve Haddad can be seen participating in a lip-sync contest with his two daughters. The dad and his girls performed one of Beyonce’s famous hits, ‘Single Ladies’ and to absolutely complete the look, they all had to wear skin-tight leotards and that included dad. Not only did Steve not see a problem with dressing the part, he also let go completely during his performance.

His hips wiggled and his moves were just so wonderful to watch, In fact, we think the daughters were the ones doing their best to keep up with their father’s energy and excitement. The video has now gone massively viral with over 30 million views and people had nothing but great things to say about the dancing dad.

It’s pretty cool to see dads doing things a little differently just to make their little girls happy. A couple of months ago, another dad captured our attention on Instagram when he posted these super cute photos of he and his daughter enjoying attending a ballet class together. Just like Steve, this dad also dressed the part.