Dad Got Backlashed After Bungee Jump With Toddler

I believe that, when you become a parent, you go one of two distinct ways…

You either want to wrap your ‘lil baby in comfy wool and feed them only organic superfoods chewed first by your ownself… or you let them tramp free, eating hotdogs from homeless people’s backs, stomp in muddy puddles, and staying up late to watch re-runs of Spongebob.


That’s must be the reason why shows like Wife Swap are so popular. We are mesmerized by comparing the ways people bring up their kids. Is it that we’re fascinated by child upbringing, by social factors that may affect parenting skills or style, or we just love to be nosey and enjoy judging people we don’t know?

Ah, it’s probably a bit of both, but, frankly speaking, there’s nothing much wrong with a bit of healthy judging.


I’ll tell you who has faced plenty of criticism this week for his apparent bad parenting tactics: Malaysian reality TV star, Redha Rozlan.

We’ll let you decide for yourself whether this guy really is the worst of the worst or the internet just reacted a tad bit more…