Cruise Squeezing through a Canal will Blow your Mind

Most of us have dreams of having a luxury vacation on a cruise one day. With unlimited opulent food, amusing activities and unlimited time for relaxation, they’re the ultimate dream vacation for those who just want to indulge in an extravagant lifestyle.

This one unique cruise ship recently made into the news while being the first-ever in history and also being the largest vessel to ever squeeze through the 4-mile long Corinth Canal that separates the Greek mainland from the Peloponnese, which is usually way too narrow for most LINERS.

Staggering footage has surfaced online, showing the ship nearly making it through inches from the narrow gap. Keep scrolling to be amazed for yourself

The Fred Olsen Cruise Line says it’s the largest ship to ever pass through the Corinth Canal. The canal is 79-feet across and the ship is 74-feet wide.

For many, a cruise is the ultimate dream vacation. In terms of a comforting holiday, they can be pretty hard to beat. And who wouldn’t want a holiday at this time of year? once aboard, you almost forget you’re at sea at all. They’re not just bed and board, but have endless ways of having fun. In fact, they’re more like a floating resort.

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