Creepy Yet Useful Products from Amazon that People Love

There’s no doubt that there are some weird and wacky inventions out there. But, surprisingly, some of them are really helpful.

This Portable Toilet

This Candle for Lefties

This Dad Belly Bag

This Pizza Pouch

The pizza pouch may seem like a stupid, foolish gift, If you need a way to move my pizza hands-free, and this is it!

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This Abe Lincoln Chia Pet

Chia pets are an underrated gag gift. They really are pretty hilarious! And what more desirable then to grow greens on the head of than Abraham Lincoln?

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These Human Face Squishy Stress Toys

You get four in a pack, and they all have various appearances. They are cute and spooky and squishy and feel fabulous to press.

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