Couple Accidentally Packed Their Pet Cat

There are several things that you just know you can’t take through airport security – Certain liquids, sharp objects, aerosols… Oh, and live animals.

As much as we would love to bring our pets on vacation, the whole process of taking an animal abroad is very difficult, so we just leave our furry friends at home.

Nick and Voirrey Coole,

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One couple from the U.K. were shocked to find out when a piece of their hand luggage got seized at the security… Because their pet cat had secretly crawled in without them realizing.

Nick and Voirrey Coole, from the Isle of Man in the U.K, were at the Isle of Man Airport ready to fly out to New York ahead of their fortieth birthday celebrations.

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One of their suitcases was taken to a side after the electronic scanner gave warning signals about something mysterious inside.

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