Comic Wonderfully Captures What It’s Like to Be in a Relationship

The world is just more enjoyable when you’re able to share it with someone you love and you are in a relationship. A lot of the depictions of relations we see in cinemas and on TV aren’t precisely super practical.

You’re SO presumably isn’t carrying a boombox over their head to get you over or traveling beyond the land to meet them at the peak of the Empire State Building, or attempting to make you a bouquet of freshly whetted pencils.

But just because those huge romantic displays aren’t everyday experiences doesn’t mean that your love isn’t the stuff of fairytales!

In real life, connections are ordinarily far more ordinary than the story leads us to think. But there’s something very therapeutic and even enchanting about that!

No one catches that normal love better than Catana Chetwynd, the genius behind Catana Comics. She creates comics about her connection with her boyfriend John who is equally ridiculous, adorable, and yes, a little sentimental. There’s also a newly released book highlighting many of her comics! Be sure to check it out if you like what you see here.

Rocking out.

When you’re out in public, you and your SO may try to be elegant and acknowledged.


You unmistakably want to take a sofa nap to keep energy.

Take a wild speculation.

I love the man to hell, but he can not skillfully encase a gift to save his life.

“I’m already snug.”

Once you’re snug, you’re there for the extended trip.

No one attempts to interrupt the snug!

Extremely cold.

This one unquestionably prompts me of me.