CIA shares heart breaking story of a dog’s K9 training

Pets hold a special place in our life. Even after the day that they leave us behind, we still recall their former days of glory. If we love animals, then we adore dogs. The ultimate companion, dogs are by your side to offer their condolences and comfort when things are rough, and giddily ready to play with a ball when you’re back on top. It’s hard to envision how we could possibly live without them, really. CIA recently shared a heart wrenching story of a K9 training dog.

These service dogs, though, are subject to a rigorous training regime to make sure that they are performing to the very best of their abilities when they actually come to the solemn task of carrying out their training.

As such, not every dog makes the grade; a heartbreaking truth that us humans just have to contend with. Usually, though, it’s very much for their own good and future happiness: just take Lulu,CIA K9 Training Dog who just fell short of making the grade. The Central Intelligence Agency has been paying tribute to her in a series of heart-rending tweets on their @CIA twitter account.