Central Park Is as Busy as Ever Despite New York Nearing Pandemic Peak

Millions of people throughout the world are currently observing social distancing in a wild attempt to slow down the extent of the current medical pandemic.

Of course, it is exceptionally challenging to be kept away from loved ones, but we must do so in line to protect those most weak in our civilisation. However, while half of us are stuck in our homes, the other half are having a lovely picnic at the park.

Here in America, we are observing the art of “social distancing.”

And, boy, are we striving. These social distancing rules have been forced to stop the further spread of the virus. Because, in case you haven’t learned, we are currently undergoing a pandemic that has improved every aspect of our lives.

The virus has been spreading past the globe at a frightening rate… Leaving world leaders with only choice but to force lockdowns upon their countries.

And, by culturally distancing and separating ourselves from others… We can expectedly delay and block catching and spreading the fatal virus. Fallen the curve, as they are all reporting us.

Millions are currently self-isolating within their homes… Thus leaving our roads, which once sounded with life and energy, completely forsaken.

And this could go on for quite some time. Donald J. Trump✔@realDonaldTrump

Over the weekend, President Trump declared that the national guidelines on social distancing have been reached for at least an extra thirty days in a drastic attempt to regain control. So, folks, we could be isolated for quite some time.

It appears as though people are previously losing their minds having been cooped up in the house for days on end, so this news has come to the anxiety of many.

Of course, many are fighting with the concept of moving away from their families… Their grandparents, their friends, even their partners. And we’ve all done at least 2 weeks now.

Not much, it appears. Over the weekend, the sun topped out from behind the clouds. And those few sun rays were enough to cause destruction.

The weather in New York moved up about fifteen degrees, which was sufficient to draw people outside of their homes and straight into local parks. And those public areas immediately become a breeding ground for the virus.

Rules about social distancing were immediately cast away as families and friends went to central park for a swift sunbathing sitting, assuming they don’t get infected. But with hundreds upon hundreds of people gathering in one area…

It wasn’t looking great and there are so many pictures to show it. The virus is on the edge of topping here in the States. With over 348,325 active cases and over 10,000 deaths, you would demand people to be more careful with their actions, but no.

Central Park saw the results of selfish humans.

While some declared they were taking their daily exercise time, others just needed to get some fresh air with their family. The excuses for such reckless behaviour were borderline offensive.

And they question why it’s growing and such a hot spot. I love when people overlook all the warnings and then cry, victim! Come on NY wake TF up! It really isn’t a trick.

And it’s not just New York citizens that are changing the rules… Over in LA, people crowded into the Wharf for fresh seafood over the weekend.

Some imbeciles took a trip down to nature reserves and local parks for a nice picnic and when stopped by the officials, they all insisted they were on their daily exercise hour. It looks as though big cities are having a hard time pinning down offenders.

But health officials have suggested that the current crisis is on the brink of reaching the most serious part, so people should put their as well as others’ health before their selfish life.