Bulldog Reaction To Horror Movie Is The Best Thing You Will Watch Today

An adorably roly-poly bulldog named Khaleesi is the latest viral sensation on YouTube and Imgur for her reaction to watching the horror movie The Conjuring. No, she doesn’t cower in fear and hide under the covers like a certain person writing this post might do.Instead she valiantly tries to save the poor actress on the screen as danger approaches with a series of barks, growls, and menacing warnings that unfortunately, go unheard on the screen.

Almost a million people have watched the little lady try to be a hero.
“If you watch the YouTube link, she barks in all the right places. Wow. She doesn’t bark at the family just the thing that’s bad,”
Either way, you know that her family is going to be safe. Maybe pop in a Disney flick next time and give the dog a break?