Time Traveler From 2048 Claims Aliens Will Attack Earth In 2018

Time Travel and Aliens are one of the most fascinating topics to discuss in this world. The latest news has both the elements and if it is true, then aliens will attack Earth in 2018.

A guy named Bryant Johnson caught by US police in a drunken state. While talking to the police, he claimed to be a time traveler from 2048 and further claimed that Aliens will attack the Earth next year i.e 2018.

As quoted by Huffington post , Bryant said-

“The aliens are coming next year and we need to make sure to leave as fast as possible.”

As per the report, Bryant didn’t mention an exact date or time for the aliens arrival and insisted to meet the President of the town to share the details.

Meanwhile, he shared the reason for his drunken state and time travel.

Bryant informed the police that he was supposed to come in 2018 but instead landed 1 year earlier. He said he was able to travel through time because the aliens filled his body with alcohol. He claimed to have stood upon a “giant pad” which then transported him to the year 2017.

Well, if signs of World War 3 were any less, this news seems to be enough to make all of us worried.