9 Terrifying Things You Can Actually Buy On Amazon

In one day you can order anything, pay and get as much of anything you want delivered. Like a lovely new lamp for your room. Adorable clothes to wear to your business party. A cookbook for recipes preparing use of semen.

Get ready to go on the most mysterious shopping tour of your life – and you don’t even have to move from your chair.

1: ZAGONE STUDIOS VIA AMAZON.COM Sooo Amazon smells weird shit. And weirdly, trousers that look like they’re covered in poop.

2: BURTON SILVER VIA AMAZON Let’s start with the mild creepy stuff. Oh yeah, it gets serious. Much more critical.

3: LEONARD DELANEY VIA AMAZON” Conquered by Clippy is a 4000-word short story highlighting sexual circumstances with digital partners. It’s for super adult readers only.”

4: FUNSHOWCASE VIA AMAZON Normal, completely normal.

5: MYSACK VIA AMAZON Oh, great God.