9 Mysterious Corners of Our Planet the Travel Guides Don’t Mention

The 9 Most Mysterious Corners of Our Planet

travel lovers are properly aware about all the primary points of interest supplied by using popular tourist locations. anyone can go to these places to see them with his or her own eyes. however there are different corners of earth: spots that, for one purpose or another, remain forbidden to everyday sightseers.
vibrant facet has currently found out approximately a number of these actually mysterious locations. we would love to look these places for ourselves — wouldn’t you?!

The ghost town of Varosha, Cyprus

this resort, adjacent to the city of Famagusta, was Cyprus’s top traveler destination. but everything changed in july 1974 when, following a mass evacuation, the deserted city was taken over with the aid of invading Turkish troops. Ever since then, varosha stays fenced off, forming part of the buffer area patrolled by the Turkish military.

The Kofuns, Japan

those synthetic islands are the ancient burial sites of members of the Japanese imperial family. on rare activities, they may be visited with the aid of archaeologists, but simplest with the permission of the imperial court.

North Sentinel Island, India

the natives living on the island will forestall at nothing to protect their land from outsiders. so, for the tourists protection, the Indian authorities restrict all and sundry from approaching the location.