These Are The 9 Most Loved Jobs In The World

#9 Stefan Sagmeister gives his employees an year leave after every 7 years.

Most of the bosses are not happy with their employees getting too many leaves but he thinks that if you wont give rest to employs they will burn as an Artist

#8 Savji Dholakia wishes to give an apartment and a car to his employees after 5 years

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Savji Dholakia gifted 1260 cars and 400 apartments to his employees in April 2016 .He stated that he will give more benfits to employees after 5 years.

#7 Alex Rios gifted a car to his chef who was late for Work.

She was an employ of Alex Rios for many years and she battled cancer which was really inspirational for his owner. One days she was late and couldn’t reach at time because of the transport issues that’s why Alex gifted her a new car!