These 7 Things Can Extinct Humans From The Earth Completely

Death can’t be avoided by anyone as it is inevitable phenomenon. Although It is believed that the soul of the human body is immortal however the body is mortal and one day everyone has to die. Thousand years ago homo sapiens dominated the world. They too did not imagine that they would come to an end and one day become extinct species. Even today there are things that can extinct Humans from the Earth completely .

Here is the list of few things that will completely extinct humans from earth.

Black Holes

The world we live in is surrounded by so many things which can lead to Destruction. Everything works in its way and experiences no interference. There are over 10 million black holes in the milky way galaxy. A gravitational force of a black hole is so strong that it can pull down planets and stars in a blink.

Asteroid impact

Many meteoroids and asteroids are travelling in the space. They are  traveling with a lot of velocity Due to the velocity the energy produced can destroy the planet earth. If a giant asteroid hits earth, then it will just take few seconds and the whole human race will be destroyed.

Solar flares

The sun is constantly sending high-speed subatomic rays on the earth’s atmosphere. It can shut out the electric supply and it can also increase the risk of cancer. Some scientists believe that the current situation of planet Mars is due to the solar storm caused Sun.