6 Most Extreme Plastic Surgery Fails You Will Ever See

Many people around the world are certainly not happy with their appearance .That’s why they go under cosmetic surgeries so they can fix their appearance. In some cases people who even look good tend to go for surgeries so they can look like their favorite celebrity. In some of the surgery fails their appearance doesn’t go according to plans . We have compiled few surgery fails for you these are the most extreme surgery fails you will see.

Surgery Fails to look like Kim K

James Parker states that he is one of the biggest fan of Kim Kardashian. He has spend over so many bucks to look like her favorite celebrity. He has opted 2 nose jobs, neck liposuction, eyebrow tattooing, chin implants, cheek filler, lip filler, and more Botox. He needs to stop at right point now.

HulkAMania Fail Looks nothing like him