5 Shocking Theories That Show the Other Side of History

People generally share accepted opinions on every famous historical event. But there is a slight chance that these points of view were imposed on us by some powers possibly for their own profit. History books reveal so many theories about events that happened in the past. Often there are some people, who out of their curiosity  put forward conspiring theories about the events.

Below are some shocking theories we learned from history after a little research .


Titanic Sinking Theories

The first version of Titanic incident indicates about an insurance fraud where the founder company “White Star Line” faked the accident by sending an identical ship called Olympic to get the insurance money.

The second version indicates about the fire inside the Titanic prior to its departure which led to the accident after 5 days.

The third theory indicates the presence of a cursed Egyptian object on board during its journey.


Egyptian Discoveries

Sphinx was believed to be built in 25BC but some scriptures of that period indicate its restoration which means there is no evidence of how old it is.

Another version indicates water marks alongside the body of Sphinx indicates it may be more than 8000 years old.


Troy Treasure Hunting

The colleagues of Heinrich Schliemann doubted his discovery and considered him fortune hunter. Another theory mentioned that he himself promoted his discovery by placing the gold inside the ruins.


Pearl Harbor Attack

A theory suggests that Franklin D. Roosevelt understood that only way to influence world history was to interfere in World War II, Even though American society strongly held different opinions. This theory claims that Roosevelt provoked Japan to start the attack by proposing an ultimatum document: the “Hull note.” He knew about the attack that the Japanese planned because their battle craft carriers left the base on the day of the attack. For a positive war outcome, it may have been the right move.


Michael Jackson’s Fake Death

Michael’s death was surrounded with many controversies and some people believe he is still alive. A diary where he wrote about him trying to fake his death, sealed coffin, and his normal health before his death were factors which made his death looked very suspicious.