5 Extinct Species That Science Can Bring Back To Life

As mankind, we’ve been culpable of wiping out a species or two. Over the years we’ve seen many Extinct Species and some are battling to stay out of it. But we aren’t the only ones to be blamed for it. Ice ages and asteroids are to blame too for the Extinct Species! Take the example of Mammoth and Dinosaurs, one fell to the clutches of ice age while other’s existence was wiped out by a giant asteroid.

But what if we can bring back a few species from the dead, from extinction? Wouldn’t it be cool to have your own backyard wrestling ring where your ‘pet’ Mammoth and Saber-toothed cat are having a go at each other? Well from what we know, there’s a possibility of it happening because scientists have identified these ten species that they can bring back from the dead

These are the 5 Extinct Species which scientists say could be brought back.

1. Woolly Mammoth

Despite owing their popularity to the Ice Age movie, the Wolly Mammoth became extinct due to the ice age and there’s a way to resurrect them.

A research company based in Tokyo claimed that it would be able to create a living, breathing version of a Wolly Mammoth within the next five years as they plan to extract the cell nuclei from the preserved specimen and implant into a surrogate mother.

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2. Saber Tooth Cat

A lion like animal with long teeth, Saber Tooth Cat was the stuff of nightmares and the nightmare could count true. With advances in cloning and molecular biology, scientists could use to bring back the cat from the dead. The question is, would you want it back?