37 Inventions You Won’t Know How You Lived Without

I’m kind of crazy about cool gadgets and devices. There’s really something so gratifying about getting the tool that will solve all of your intricacies…or at least assist you to do a very special task much more easily. After all, life’s too short to use subpar products that take eternal life! If there’s a device that will make life more manageable, then you can rest reassured that I will buy it and have it helpful for the next time I want it. I’m all about striving to make life as manageable and stress-free as achievable.

Fortunately for me (and you!), the Internet is packed with unbelievable, handy gadgets to buy, from a magnetic tray for all of your bobby pins to a butter bell that runs your butter absolutely spreadable at all ages.

Every Home Needs a Cricket Boot Jack

The Flipfork Is 4 Kitchen Tools in 1

Keep Your Wine Fresh with a Wine Condom

Keep Your Neck Hair Looking Neat with This Neck Hair Guide

Keep Your Bobby Pins in Check with the HairpinPal

This Wine Wand Is Basically Magic

The Makeup Eraser Removes Makeup Using Only Water

This Detangler Brush Has More Than 5,000 Amazon Reviews!

Bed Bands Might Just Be My Favorite Invention Ever

These Gummies Boost Your Natural Sleep Hormone

This Handy Dishwasher Magnet Will Put an End to the Dirty Dishes Mystery

Reduce Waste with These Mesh Produce Bags

Bring Order to Your Junk Drawer with This Battery Organizer

These Shelf Dividers Are Another Great Way to Cut Down on Clutter

These Drawer Organizers Are Also Perfect for KonMari fans.

This No-Buckle Belt Made Me Suspicious at First, but Now I Totally Want One

Soothe Your Aching Feet with This Foot Massager

These Heavy Duty Oven Liners Make it Easier Than Ever to Clean Your Oven

Make Your Eyebrows Pop with Wunderbrow

Steady-Pads Keep Your Washer and Dryer from “Walking” Around Your Home

Rub ‘n Buff Is Officially My Favorite Thing Ever