35 Massively Creepy Products You Can Get On Amazon

Seeking some creepiness, no wonder why you clicked on this. No shame we all want to see weird things, obviously we all are curious souls. They’re just unusual AF products you’ll find both helpful and unique. You know, because life can be spooky all year round, and there’s nothing better than some unusual products that make your daily routine a little more enjoyable.

1. The Pen Holder That’s Way More Fun Than Any Traditional Organizer

Suck UK Fred Pen Holder$12|AmazonSEE ON AMAZON

2. A Pack Of Shoe Slippers That Double As Dust Mops

Bontip Dust Mop Slippers (4 Pack)$8.99|AmazonSEE ON AMAZON

3. The Eye Mask That Won’t Exert Pressure On Your Eyes

Hycles 3-D Sleep Mask$8.99|AmazonSEE ON AMAZON

4. A Set Of Caps That Make It Easy To Remove Nail Polish

Esarora Nail Polish Remover Caps (20 Pack)$10|AmazonSEE ON AMAZON

5. A Pair Of Claws That Shred All Sorts Of Meat

Jolly Green Products Meat Claws$16.87$11.87|AmazonSEE ON AMAZON

6. The Tool That Gently Cleans Dust From Your Indoor Plants

Cyber Clean Leafcare Cup$9.98|AmazonSEE ON AMAZON

7. A Mat That Helps Alleviate Foot Pain From Plantar Fasciitis

GuanZo Foot Massager Mat$11.99|AmazonSEE ON AMAZON

8. The Desktop Cell Phone Holder That Doubles As A Paperweight

Tech Tools Desktop Cell Phone Holder$17.95|AmazonSEE ON AMAZON

9. A Zombie Popsicle Mold Made From Flexible Silicone

Tovolo Zombie Popsicle Molds (4 Pack)$39.97|AmazonSEE ON AMAZON

Instead of eating boring old popsicles, why not try the Tovolo zombie popsicle molds and snack on the undead? These molds are made from flexible silicone that makes it easy to separate the popsicle from the mold, and they won’t crack if you twist and contort them. Each mold can make four popsicles at the same time, and the zombie legs and feet are a fun alternative to traditional wooden sticks.

10. The Magnetic Face Mask That Helps Detoxify Your Pores

ALIVER Magnetic Pore Mask$14.99|AmazonSEE ON AMAZON