24 Pics From A Bat Rescue That Prove Bats Aren’t Scary

Bats Qld (Flying Foxes & Microbats) Inc. is doing a Good job. The volunteer-run, not-for-profit system carries a Bat Rescue missions, rehabilitates and frees Flying Foxes and Microbats across South East Queensland (Gold Coast to Brisbane area), Australia. It also teaches the fresh and old on the consequence of Flying Foxes in our ecosystem accompanying with dismissing the tales that have always circled these wondrous mammals.

And that’s not all they do. Fortunately for the Internet, Bats Qld share 24 photos and videos From A Bat Rescue of their ‘inmates’ to show just how cute they actually are.

Bat Rescue

It’s so adorable. It’s like well hi there I am just your trusted community baby fruit bat.

Bats aren’t just attractive; they are essential to our ecosystems. “Bats have essential roles in pollination and grain dispersal,” For example, the eucalyptus woods that the koalas rely on are pollenate by the flying foxes.”

Sorrowfully, we usually seem to overlook these good actions. “Humans are a warning to bats. Barbed wire, fruit netting, domestic pets and car hits are the various common cause they need aid. The bigger image would also involve deforestation and habitat loss.”