19 People Admit Embarrassing Things They’ve Done

We all have tales like these — shameful things we’ve done that will stay with us always.

There’s no getting back from these killing moments. There’s only admitting that they appeared and going on.

Twitter user @tinkytwink questioned everyone about the time in their life that have made them perish within.

@tinkytwink goes off with a story of their own: “I once accidentally licked my fit Dentist’s hand whilst maintaining eye contact.”

How’s your morphology?

This is funny. Why in the universe would a job interviewer be inquiring about your grandmother?

Unsuitable selfie

This is…quite unsuitable, and I’m happy he was put off. Let’s just call this one a educational experience.

Unplanned interview

Why do something like this forever occur? You don’t understand how much of our communication is coded for able-bodied people till you get caught in a circumstance like this.

Thank you

Yes, we’ve all done that. I admitted to a door once after I crashed into it.


It’s serious enough that she got into a car that wasn’t really a taxi, but then to be ambushed in by child locks!