12 Most Cringeworthy Photos On The Internet

Everyone has done something exceptionally embarrassing in public. In particular, if you’re like me, you like to lay in bed at darkness and go over every single embarrassing thing you’ve ever got into in your life till it gradually makes you crazy with regret and remorse.

Whether it be an awkward meeting, a text message you instantly repent, an uncomfortable misinterpretation or a joke that was assumed to be humorous but came off as very mean, these few experiences can be entirely mortifying for everyone concerned, and will most probably be summoned up over and again for usual entertainment by the people around you.

But what if those were documented in photos and videos and then created public for the world to observe? Sounds terrible, correct? Just be glad it didn’t occur to you.

This heroic struggle

I can’t determine what’s more weird worthy – Amy Schumer’s exhausted attempts or Kanye’s avoidance. It’s just bad any way you view at it.

This one hurts. Maybe we should all simply stop attempting to kiss somebody out of nowhere? They’re named “lines,” people. Recognize them.

This bright movement

At least not one can blame her for not being clear and straightforward about her condition. And understanding as we’re breathing in the time of “ghosting,” you have to appreciate that.